A portable pressure washer is specifically designed to assist you clean just about anything without wasting much time and effort. You can save a TON of time by simply getting a portable pressure washer instead! Using the old garden hose just to clean:

  • your car 
  • garage 
  • driveway
  • the inside of your house 
  • tool shed etc. 

How to Use a Portable Pressure Washer?

Step 1: The process is pretty simple. Instead of spraying hot water from your hot water heater and then hooking the nozzle onto the car’s grille (which defeats the purpose of a portable electric pressure washer) you simply hook your portable electric pressure washer onto your garden hose and then fill up a tank with hot water. 

Step 2: And with a press of a button you simply push the hot water nozzle right on to the car and agitate a bit with the water (or whatever you are cleaning) to loosen any dirt and get it clean. And that is all there is to cleaning your car.

What Benefits You Get with a Portable Pressure Washer?

With portable pressure washers this is not a problem because you can simply connect it with the water supply and start over. No pre-cleaning is required as well as you do not have to refill the water tank. What you do have to watch out for though is the possibility of filling the water tank to capacity. If that happens then you will need to refill the water tank – and you will have to buy another one as you will be left with nothing but a mess and no cleaning. So, when you have to clean your car do so by filling the water tank to the top before you do the cleaning.

Keep This in Mind:

This might seem like a very simplistic and ineffective way to go about cleaning your cars but it really isn’t. Stains left behind after washing often times become permanent if they are not removed. 

Even the slightest stain can become difficult to remove when it dries out and becomes hard to scrape off. And when you do scrape it off you are left with a stubborn stain that just won’t come clean no matter how many times you wash or scrub it. Click here to know more about pressure washers.