A photo booth is a great way to capture amazing pictures and people are installing them in their different parties so you have to take a good look at all the types of booths and then decide your favorite. Now a day people are also doing some virtual events too in order to have lesser chances of bacteria spread and in these events they will try to have a smaller boot which they can use while editing the pictures of their virtual guests. There are now some amazing different boot ideas which you have to see and for that you need to read below:

Slow motion booth:

These booths are different than the regular ones and you need to first understand the working of these booths and then decide whether you need that or not. In this slow motion booth, your guests will have to do some different poses and then the photographer will create the slow motion of their moves. These are amazing for couples to capture their beautiful moments in slow motion and then they will enjoy this small video after that.

GIF booth:

It is also like the slow motion but in this the video will be too small and there will be some distinct pictures which are different from each other like they are not in a constant move like a video. This will be created from three to five different pictures and when this GIF is created then it will turn out to be amazing and your guests will enjoy making these GIFs especially when you have more youngsters in your wedding.

Flipbook booth:

This is a very rare kind of booth in which the photographer will create a flipbook of about 20 or more pages and then these will be presented to the guests at the end of wedding but it will take some time and lesser people will get the chance to have these. Most of the times there will be more people in one flipbook because separate flipbook for every guest is not possible. You can consider only your immediate family to get this opportunity otherwise there will be very problematic situation for you and your guests may get angry due to the refusal. You should tell everyone about it in advance so there will be issue at the time of happy moments.