When it comes to safety of baby stroller in UAE, you could really make a claim with some products. This is especially true when it comes to the more expensive models out there. However, you must be careful because in most cases, this is all hype. To find out exactly what the baby stroller safety regulations are let’s take a look at what the Federal Safety Standards has to say.

Point 1: The Federal Safety Standards lay out regulations and rules that aid to make sure that the stroller that you buy is completely safe for you and your little one. Magic fold stroller plus in UAE are said to be the safest strollers available. The most important part of this is the three points of contact rule. The three points of contact refer to your baby’s toes, neck and head. This is the first point of contact that a stroller might encounter while traveling. It is also the point of contact that could potentially cause your child harm because your baby’s weight and movement are often unpredictable.

Point 2: If you are going to buy a double stroller, you want to make sure that it is made of sturdy material. It is best to avoid double strollers with detachable seats because you don’t want any possibility of the child hurting itself. The next thing that the guidelines state is to avoid the use of any kind of handle or strap.

Point 3: Baby strollers with safety harnesses are one of the most popular styles today. These harnesses are built into the seat, and they strap around your little one so that they are securely held in place. These will provide extra protection against falls, and they prevent your baby from rolling away.

Point 4: Another guideline that most baby strollers do not meet is the requirement that they have a rear-facing safety standard. This is especially important because your child could run into things when you’re walking outdoors, and it can prevent them from being hurt. Point 5: By purchasing a stroller with a rear-facing safety standard, as well as a forward-facing one, you will be able to keep your baby safe and secure. By providing your child with a higher level of security and comfort, you will also be reducing the likelihood that she will be involved in a crash, which can be life threatening.