Wedding budget saving tips

In most people’s opinion getting married is expensive. While the venue, setup, décor and dresses are all huge items, it is not impossible to stay within an affordable budget.

Below are a few top tips to follow when organizing your wedding, trying to keep the budget on track:

1. The earlier you start planning and organizing your wedding, you will have more time to research, find the best deals and gather new ideas and inspiration.

2. Wedding magazines are great to find suppliers for every aspect of your wedding in one place.  Wedding suppliers often offer discount coupons or incentives to buy from them and it’s common for a wedding magazine to have a page offering 10% off deals or free shipping. These magazines also feature different weddings to take inspiration and ideas from. Also, you will find address of different wedding shop in dubai through a local wedding magazine.

3. A fantastic way to save your wedding budget is internet shopping. Shopping online is stress free and everything you order is delivered to a place of your choice. There are a number of options available when searching the online wedding shops and quite often these shops compete on price of certain products which works well in your favor.

4. Getting married out of season is yet another way to save you a lot of expense. Apart from having a better choice of wedding venues, the cost generally differ from peak to off peak times. For instance, cozy winter weddings are great to save money.

5. Visit wedding shows within your locality. You will get to meet a lot of suppliers you wouldn’t see otherwise. Lots of exhibitors showcase their work in wedding shows so if you’re looking for a particular supplier, a wedding photographer or so, you’ll be able to see the samples of their work and even obtain bookings on the day. A lot of wedding suppliers are willing to negotiate to get your booking, likely to be offering a discounted rate if booked on the day or even extended beyond the day.

6. There are various wedding rentals offering several items ranging from furniture & fixtures to wedding dresses for rent in Sharjah and elsewhere. Instead of wasting a lot of money on a single event, save some bucks for more special things coming ahead in life.