Tile types are really wide and varied. For example, indoor tiles will tend to be less harsh than outdoor tiles. Indoor flooring also has a tendency to last a lot longer than outdoor flooring, especially if they are used frequently, and are therefore a wiser investment. If you are not sure about indoor vs outdoor tiles in Dubai, then take some time to browse through a few flooring sites to get an idea of which would best fit your home and your lifestyle.

Soapstone: A very popular type of outdoor tile is soapstone. Soapstone comes in a wide variety of textures, including:

  • porcelain
  • granite
  • marble
  • limestone

All soapstone tiles, however, have the non-porous, smooth, natural look that is so popular today. This type of tile is most often used in bathrooms or showers, because of its absorbent quality. Its smooth, non-porous surface allows mildew and bacteria to easily build up on it without any problems at all.

Sandstone: Another type of outdoor tiles that is used a lot is sandstone tiles. Sandstone tiles have a beautiful look and a wide variety of textures and can also be used in sanitary ware in Dubai. Because sandstone tends to retain a red-brown color, it is commonly used in landscaping and around decks and patios. In addition to the natural beauty of sandstone tiles, they are extremely easy to maintain. They do not require any sealing, although they can be stained or varnished to make them even more attractive. Sandstone deck tiles are also commonly used as pathways and around swimming pools.

Concrete: One of the most popular types of outdoor tiles that people often don’t think to use in their homes is concrete. While concrete is definitely highly durable, you may want to think again about putting it inside your home. Concrete floor tiles, while extremely durable, are extremely slip resistant. This means that you may have to pay a lot of money to make sure that you keep your floors dry. Plus, concrete is porous and can absorb a great deal of odors from outside.

Ceramic: Ceramic tiles are a great outdoor tiles option because they are:

  • slip resistant
  • stain proof
  • look really great

They are available in many different shapes and colors and some even come in patterns. The price of ceramic tiles is usually a lot less than that of granite or sandstone. Plus, they require virtually no maintenance at all.