Hiring an authentic immigration agent

You might think that hiring an immigration agent is no problem at all because there are a number of immigration agents available. But, no, this is not the case. First finding and the hiring an immigration agent is quite difficult because not every immigration agent you come across is authentic.

This article is about how you can hire authentic immigration consultants in Delhi so your immigration process is done without any inconvenience. If you don’t want yourself to get stuck in anything wrong, it is better you follow all these steps.

  • Stay away from freelancers. Freelancers are not registered rather they work on their own so it is recommended that you stay away from them. If you are actually serious about moving to another country then stay away from freelancers.
  • Experience. Okay, so experience matters the most. If you want your immigration process to be effective and strong then you should check the experience of the immigration agent. If he has an experience of some few years and has a good success rate then I think you can consider him and appoint that immigration agent.
  • Ask around. It is a possibility that one of your friend or someone in your family has moved abroad. So, you can ask them if they hired an immigration agent. Asking them would be really helpful because they will tell you everything honestly. They will tell you the services they, the charges they had to pay, etc.
  • License. It is necessary that the immigration agent you are hiring has a license. If they have a license, this will show their authenticity. They will take your immigration process smoothly. Having a license means that you can trust them and they have a good reputation.
  • Be aware of fraud. You can come across immigration agents that are fraud. Be aware of such kind of people, please. It would only be your loss. The characteristic of a fraud immigration agent is that they would say that your documents are lost or anything related to this. You should be clever enough to understand these traps.
  • Research. Do some research about few Canada immigration consultants in Delhi and then plan to hire the one you think is authentic.

We have come to the end of the article and I hope you now have an idea how to hire an authentic immigration agent.