Three different kinds of lubricants

Some people will be there who do not know about the necessity of the lubricants and they will not be willing to spend some extra amount in that. They have to be careful in that purpose and know why it is necessary to use the lubricants and for that they can go to the lubricant companies in Dubai and they will provide then necessary information which will make them realize why they need lubricants for the better working of their engine. Main function of lubricants is that they will help in lowering down the friction between different parts of the engine or machinery so the engine will start working in a better way. These lubricants will be made of using different components and you need to know about them before you are going to use. You can also get to know about the marine gas oil price because you need to use that too also you have to know about the different kinds of lubricants that are here below:

Full Film:

There are two further types of this full film lubrication in which one is the hydrodynamic used in between the two floating layers that are sliding over each other and the next is the elastohydrodynamic that is used when the surfaces are working in the rolling motion. You have to use these carefully because if you use them vice versa then the engine will not work correctly.


It is the kind of lubrication that is needed when the parts of engine or machinery will need to start and stop frequently and alternatively so you have to use this lubricant that will help in the smooth working and stopping of the engine. Some of the oils are not very good in handling this sudden start and stopping motion so these lubricants will help them in this regard.


In this kind of lubricants there will be the features of both hydrodynamic and the boundary lubricants and you can use that when the surfaces are there in more quantity and they are in the form of layers working side by side. This kind of lubricant will form a layer in between all of the layers while they are working so you will get better results from that. You can ask from lubricants companies or the engine manufacturers about right kind.