Male Fertility – Psychological Effects

Have you ever come across and talked to a person who is suffering from fertility issues? There is no denying that such a person must be having a hard time believing that he is actually suffering from these problems. Emotional distress is among the first sentiments in people suffering fertility issues. Even more difficult is to realize that the problem will persist for life. Take a moment and imagine if you had to face similar challenges in life. After all, it is not only a matter of pride; it also has a lot to do with emotions. Living with infertility can have horrendous psychological effects on people suffering from it.

The extent of these problems can put a lot of stress and anxiety on their lives. Since these people tend to keep their problem to themselves, they are likely to suffer emotional trauma or a severe shock of stress at some stage in their lives. No matter how you see it, living with infertility and realizing that they are not able to biologically father a baby can take a big toll on their lives. Such people often show signs of constant anxiety and anger. They often become too sensitive to things that can otherwise be tolerated with ease. Here is more about psychological effects of male infertility and how it can reflect on one’s life:

Being A Father Is A Matter Of Pride

Though it cannot be argued that fertility issues in both men and women can be quite disturbing for both, studies have shown that men react to it more severely. There can be several reasons to it, as males often take pride and joy in becoming fathers. Off course, the very thought of being unable to have a child of your own is enough to drive your emotions to negativity. However, it doesn’t stop there, and you keep thinking about several “what ifs”.

Firstly, males suffering from infertility issues tend to become quite aggressive in their daily dealings. They react aggressively on things that could otherwise be tolerated. This unnecessary aggression has been commonly observed by many researchers in many parts of the world. Strangely, the behavioral pattern among males with infertility, whether it is temporary or permanent have shown very peculiar signs of trauma. Other problems were also discovered among such males including depression and a gust of severe anger.

Luckily, most of these males can now enjoy the pleasure of fatherhood though processes like Ivf pregnancy among others.